Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 0: Sunday 3/23

The week didn’t start off with a bang but excitement was nonetheless in the air. After Wes, Kalvin, and David picked up the two hulking, white vans from Enterprise (pics to come soon) that would serve as our mode of transportation, the ASB team gathered at Columbae to go over the itineraries and briefs. Each person presented his/her spiel on one of the specific social enterprises he/she researched that we would be visiting. Either Stanford students are really good at “B.S.ing” or everyone really knew their stuff because some presentations were quite stellar.

On a side note, we later stocked up on healthy munchies at Trader Joes. Organic indeed tastes better!

Yin yin, our social activities coordinator, provided us with a notebook where we could write our thoughts and feelings as they came up throughout the trip. Here is Sean pouring out his soul in the notebook. Check out the pictures corner to see what people wrote or drew in the book.

Ah yes. Sweet dinner time. Columbae is a coop house so we had to cook our own food. Props to Shelley, our head cook. Here we are enjoying some veggie burritos and just chilling outside the dorm. Everyone smile for the camera…say “soc-eee.”

Well that basically sums up day 0. Not much happened, but then again, it’s only day 0. Oh, one more thing, we did have an enforced bed time of 9:00pm since we would have to wake up at 6:30 the next day…whew, talk about a packed schedule.

Although we’ll probably be sleep deprived during this entire trip, we're totally stoked about what tomorrow has in store for us…

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